Violins For Sale

We have a fine range of old violins for all players dating from the 18th century. Our violins for sale include French, German and English violins all set up to a high standard. These old violins or antique violins are all carefully selected and priced in such a way that they are a good investment to the player.

We are experienced violin dealers and restorers and pride ourselves on giving good accurate information on all our violins, whether this is your first or your latest instrument. This accurate information gives the violinist the peace of mind they are getting a quality violin which not only sounds good but makes that person feel comfortable knowing that they have made a good investment. Each of our old violins are sold with a good quality hard case included in the price.
Over the years we have had a range of fine quality violins for sale with makers such as Craske, Betts, Klotz, Furber, Miremont, Collin-Mezin and Forster. We have had a wide range of workshop violins including makes such as Colin, Derazey, Lowendall, Mittenwald and Mirecourt. Antique violins improve in tone as the years go by so to invest in an instrument which is already over 100 years old is a fine idea. If any of our antique violins require repair this is all done free of charge rather like a service agreement, unless the instrument for example is accidently dropped and the repair is more serious.

Old violins are what we specialise in, these violins can be traded in for an upgraded instrument with the buyer getting the full price he or she has paid for it. Our range of violins is constantly changing and we are adding fine old violins to our site on a regular basis.

If you would like anymore information on our range of violins for sale please feel free to ring or email us.

Please feel free to phone Mark or Kathy with any enquiries on 01636 708837 or email us

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